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Aerial Transmission Assessment

Aerial Transmission Assessment

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Transmission lines represent one of the most critical aspects of a utility's electric system. The transmission system must operate with a high degree of performance and reliability despite the limited ability of utilities to inspect and transmission equipment. Placing an Exacter system on board of your scheduled flight allows you to identify problematic conditions that impact system performance and reliability. Exacter's technology and analysis pinpoint degraded and contaminated equipment that cannot be detected by visual patrol and other inspection methods.

Exacter assessment data is gathered during scheduled flights. Utilities determine if the identified components require further inspection or immediate maintenance. Exacter data can be used to benchmark system performance and track health of a period of years.

Areas of Concern

During line flyover Exacter technology identifies problematic conditions present on the transmission system and correlates emission data with GPS location data. The data is used to create Areas of Concern, 1 to 3 mile sections of circuit where problematic conditions are detected. First level of survey analysis involves analyzing trendable information to monitor underperforming circuits and identify developing problems, and correlating assessment data with outage management data to determine if further investigation is necessary.

  Areas of Concern map

                                                 (Areas of Concern are highlighted in red)


High Definition Structure Analysis

High Definition Structure Analysis (HDSA) is the second level of survey analysis. When applied to the Areas of Concern, Exacter's proprietary analysis will identify the structure locations where problematic conditions are present. The precise and actionable information allows the utilities to further inspect the structure and perform necessary maintenance operations.


HDSA map


Ultrasonic Acoustic Field Confirmation

The third of analysis is Ultrasonic Acoustic Field Confirmation. Exacter Field Engineers visit the locations and structures identfied by the High Definition Structure Analysis. 


Ultrasonic Acoustic Field location


Field Engineers confirm and pinpoint the component responsible for the problematic conditions using ultrasonic acoustic technology. Field Engineers take a high resolution image of the identified component and record attributes including GPS coordinates, structure ID tag, closest physical address, and description of component location on the structure.


Ultrasonic Acoustic Field Engineers