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Aerial Transmission Asset Health Assessments

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Using helicopters or drones, Exacter technology precisely identifies and maps failing hardware and contamination points along utility transmission lines.  The Exacter System case is mounted in the helicopter and all survey data is logged and mapped using GPS technology.  Reports are presented in spreadsheet, map, or GIS compatible formats -- along with Google Earth imagery.  Choose from 4 levels of assessment analytics and data.  For more information, view our videos or contact Exacter.   

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Putting an Exacter Assessment System on Board Scheduled Line Flights Delivers New Insights and Improves Compliance (2 min.)

Areas of Concern
During line flyover Exacter technology identifies problematic conditions present on the transmission system and correlates emission data with GPS location data. The data is used to create Areas of Concern, 1 to 3 mile sections of circuit where problematic conditions are detected. The first level of survey analysis includes analyzing trendable information to monitor underperforming circuits and identify developing problems, then correlating assessment data with outage management data to determine if further investigation is necessary. Exacter collaborates with many independent helicopter line services.

Transmission AOC picture

High Definition Structure Analysis
High Definition Structure Analysis (HDSA) is the second level of survey analysis. When applied to the Areas of Concern, Exacter's proprietary analysis will identify the structure locations where problematic conditions are present. The precise and actionable information allows the utilities to further inspect the structure and perform necessary maintenance operations.