The Next Best-Practice in Reliability

Exacter Provides Reliability Field Data and Analytic Solutions to the Electric Utility Industry

EXACTER® is a strategic information tool for managing multiple aspects of overhead reliability and asset management for both distribution and transmission. Exacter’s predictive process provides information that accurately identifies specific points of weakness across a utility’s power grid. Exacter’s patented technology identifies and locates RF Failure Signature™ emissions on overhead equipment.

transformer fire

A powerful data-analysis engine processes field data and presents results in map, spreadsheet, satellite photo, and GIS-compatible formats. Exacter’s unique process allows the survey of large geographic areas accurately and efficiently in a matter of weeks. Exacter health assessment data provides actionable intelligence for the development of new reliability and grid performance strategies.

Exacter Electric Utility Solutions include:

Get Ahead of Problems by Using Predictive Reliability Methods

Improving Worst Performing Circuits Using Predictive Data & Reliability Analytics

Capital Planning Becomes More Creative with Granular System Health Visibility & Reliability Analytics

Accelerating Smart Grid Value by Assuring BPL Quality & Clean Data Transmission

Improve Outage Recovery & Storm Damage Assessment with Exacter System Health Data

New Technology and Methods for Reducing SAIDI & Other Relibility Measures

Lightning Arrester Failures are Usually Invisible & Hard to Uncover Until Now. See Quick Solution

Insulator Flashover Can Now Be Detected in Early Stages of Failure & Prevented

See this Breakthrough in "Live" Underground Network Cable Testing -- NonDestructive & No Outage Required

Underground Vault Hazzard Detection for Assuring Safe Inspections

See How Unitil Used Exacter to Improve Reliability

Exacter for Substation Reliability Scans for Early Detection of Potentially Big Probelms

Exacter for Aerial Transmission Reliability Surveys Pinpoint Weakening Assets for T&D Applications