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Railway Services: An Excellent Solution For Finding Unseen Arcing Insulators on Railway Lines

Electrical problems on railway lines

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Electrical Railway Reliability & Troubleshooting Service

Exacter predictive maintenance technology can be used by electrical railways to identify and locate points on the line exhibiting problematic conditions.  Deteriorating equipment on railway lines like insulators can emit partial discharge (pd) in the form of arcing. These RF Failure Signature™ emissions can be identified, located, and mapped by Exacter technology. Exacter Field Engineers investigate the problem locations to confirm and document the degraded component. This allows the railway provider to replace the equipment or perform maintenance before it causes a power outage on the line.

DC Rail Systems -  Using Active Clamp Technology, Exacter can find deteriorating insulators emitting a partial discharge (RF emission).

AC Rail Systems - Using Exacter's core technology, Exacter can identify any type of RF emission on the lines. 

Fiind Arcing Insulators on Railway Lines
For railways and mass transit systems, Exacter technology would survey lines as a quality control or problem-identification measure. The continuous monitoring becomes an early warning system alerting the railway to potential problems prior to a failure.  Specific surveys and investigations by Exacter field engineers can also be a troubleshooting measure for discovering hard-to-find root causes.

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