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Smart Cities

Win Smart City Project Grants with Exacter Infrastructure QA/QC

Making Exacter electric infrastructure QA/QC part of your grant proposals demonstrates understanding and forethought for assuring your Smart City projects will be successful.  Exacter is a non-intrusive technology that helps cities identify problematic issues on the overhead and underground electrical distribution grid.  They have been involved in Smart Grid QA/QC helping utilities assure clean, uninterrupted data transmission over broad band power lines (BPL).  Exacter has also been an important aspect of other QA/QC assurances for electrcial grid automation projects.

Exacter is Leading the Way in Smart Cities Electrical Infrastructure Readiness

The Exacter deliverable would be a comprehensive health assessment for the overhead (and underground) grid.  Making Exacter part of your grant bid proposal shows an attention to the detail necessary for a successful proejct roll out.  With Exacter, you can have the competitive advantage and distinction of identying infrastructure quality and capacity as a critical component of Smart City project success.