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Grid Reliability & Predictive Analytic Expert John Lauletta

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John Lauletta is the CEO and Founder of Exacter, Inc., the utility industry’s leader in predictive reliability analytics. He is an industry thought leader and a subject matter expert on power outages, overhead equipment failure, pole fire causation and mitigation as well as being the driving force behind exacter’s cutting-edge product development efforts.

POLE FIRE MITIGATION EXPERT: John has spoken at EEI, IEEE and most recently T&D World's Leadership Forum on Wildfire Mitigation.  He consults with companies on how to implement measures to reduce the risk of pole fires and wildfires on their systems.

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He is a regular speaker at IEEE events and has spoken at multiple EEI T&D meetings, international reliability conferences, APPA events, and most recently at NRECA’s TechAdvantage, where his Exacter Analytics are becoming part of the Reliability Benchmarking Group’s Web App.

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