The Next Best-Practice in Reliability

Whitepapers on Grid Reliability & Predictive Analytics

The Power of Partial Discharge Testing:  This technique is useful for individual assets but of far greater value when applied to the entire network. (EC&M, June 2014) 

A Huge Distribution Reliability Opportunity, by Paul J. Feldman, Chairman Midwest ISO (MISO)

Economic Benefits of Increasing Electric Grid Resilience to Weather Outages, The Whitehouse Executive Office of the President

Distribution Reliability Opportunities, by Paul J. Feldman, Chairman Midwest ISO (MISO)

Predictive Maintenance Preempts Outages | T&D World Magazine
A new arc-detection tool helps Ohio utility enhance system reliability and performance.
"While preventing outages is a tangible benefit, the EXACTER system is more of a strategic information tool." -- Andrew Boatright, City of Westerville, OH Utility Manager

A Smarter Approach to Resolving Power-Line Noise  (T&D World, Sept 2004)

Contact Spot Temperature and the Temperature of External Surfaces in an Electrical Connection, I/R may not provide sufficient information to identify electrical connections in the initial or even the advanced stages of electrical failure.  (Proceedings of ICEC-ICREPEC2012)

National Grid, Proactive Overhead T&D Inspection Pilot Program, 2013