The Next Best-Practice in Reliability

Exacter Technology & Sales Partners

SAS and Exacter are partnering to help utilities improve grid reliability. Powered by Exacter sensor technology that provides conditions-based, actionable data, SAS AI and Machine Learning can generate meaningful insights into grid health and provide actionable data for continuous reliability improvement. Benefits include reducing operating costs, improving worker and public safety, reducing outages, expediting storm recovery and preventing wildfires.     

Please see this link on the SAS website to learn more about this strategic aliance.   

 Davey and Exacter Strategic Partners

In February of 2013, The Davey Tree Expert Company announced a strategic partnership with Exacter, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, to expand Davey’s reliability service capabilities.  Davey made an equity investment in Exacter and is using Exacter’s Grid Assessment Technology and Analytics as a powerful complement to Davey Resource Group’s existing asset management and grid health services.  More