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Recurring Failure Identification

A Health Assessment Program for Preventing Outages and Improving reliability on worst performing circuits

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For electric utilities looking to improve reliability indices, customer satisfaction, and overall system performance, an Exacter Worst Performing Circuit (WPC) Predictive Health Assessment will integrate with current WPC programs to identify the recurring failures caused by degraded and contaminated equipment on worst performing circuits.

This 1-Minute Video Shows How Exacter is like a CT Body Scan for your overhead Grid.  Watch Here!

Patented Exacter technology and proprietary analytics will provide utilities with advanced field intelligence and enable utilities to perform Predictive-Based Asset Management on degraded equipment before an equipment related interruption occurs. Predictive health assessment data from Exacter can be overlaid with GIS and connectivity data for an industry leading view of system health and the impact (# of customers affected) that a degraded component will have if a failure occurs.

The result is a predictive, conditions-based asset management program designed to yield the greatest improvement in performance and reliability for a utility's worst performing circuits.

Exacter WPC Predictive Health Assessment Includes:

1) Health Assessment Survey of Utility Selected WPCs

Patented radio frequency (RF) Exacter technology will assess (and collect data from) utility selected worst performing circuits. Proprietary analytics discriminate, correlate, and analyze data to identify structures where a degraded or contaminated component exists

contaminated component map       Green Dots represent location of structures where a degraded/contaminated components are present

2) Field Verification of Identified Equipment

Exacter Field Engineers visit the structures identified by the RF health assessment scan of circuits. Field engineers use ultrasonic technology to confirm and pinpoint the location of contaminated or degraded equipment


Exacter Davey guy with dish

(Exacter Field Engineer utilizing Ultrasonic Technology)

3) Health Assessment Report

Exacter will provide a Health Assessment report on the assessed circuits. The report is provided in multiple formats (.PDF, .DOC, .CSV, .XLS, .SHP, .KMZ) and includes:  

          Photograph of degraded or contaminated component
          Description of component
          Pole Tag / ID (if available)
          GPS coordinates
          Closest physical street address (and structure)


Exacter health report     

With utility provided GIS and connectivity data, Exacter can integrate health assessment data to provide a criticality measure, the number of potential customers affected by an interruption, for each identified component.

4) Long Term Trend Analysis

Collaboratively, Exacter will work with a utility to establish metrics that address the goals of a utility’s WPC program. With utility provided interruption data, Exacter will perform long-term trend analysis on assessed WPCs to demonstrate improvement in circuit performance and reliability.