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Interesting Statistics on Problematic Overhead Grid Components

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Exacter has been performing grid health surveys since 2007 to identify problematic conditions on overhead lines. After thousands of miles, millions of poles, and actual field inspections to verify all of their findings, they have tabulated data on the types of equipment exhibiting deteriorated or weakened conditions on the US power grid. Results are broken down into five regions below.  View larger image of map by clicking here.

US regional power grid pie charts

To learn more about methods for identifying weakened conditions on your grid, as well as ways to target your most critical areas of concern, attend an informative Webinar on topics like, Predictive-based Maintenance, Storm Recovery, Predictive Grid Analytics, or speak to an Exacter team member.  We would love to hear from you.  Fill out the form below and we would be happy to share more of our field data and experience with you.

To see an interesting study on improving reliability against storms, see the White House Report on Grid Resilency by clicking here.

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