The Next Best-Practice in Reliability

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Thank you to all the attendees of our November Conference.  Great presentations, discussions and networking.  We are looking forward to seeing more of you at next year's conference.   



A Day in the Life of the Grid - Paul Feldman
Paul Feldman, Chairman Emeritus Midwest ISO
John Lauletta, CEO, Exacter, Inc.
Grid Condition Assessment & Flashover Prevention - Mike Pluff
Michael Pluff, Executive Vice President, Exacter, Inc.
Exacter, Inc.
Gary Huffman, T&D Program Manager, Burns & McDonnell
Exacter, Inc.
Jonathan Woodworth, Engineering Consultant, ArresterWorks 
Substation Resiliency - Jeff Keller Mesa Eng
Jeffrey Keller, PE and Program Manager, Mesa Associates
The Power of Predictive Analytics - Rich Lanese
Rich Lanese, Director of Reliability & Analytics, Exacter, Inc.

"CoServ Electric Case Study & Lightning Arrester Study
John Lauletta, Exacter, inc.

Watch Flashover Experiments from The Ohio State University High Voltage Laboratory

Conference group photo