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Exacter Solutions Overview

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Patented technology and analytics from Exacter® provide a variety of unique solutions that enable utilities to achieve long term improvement in system performance and reliability. Each solution follows a predictive process that accurately identifies problematic conditions related to equipment degradation, contamination, and failure that allows utilities to perform appropriate asset remediation or improvements before an outage occurs.   Exacter can identify conditions that cause POLE FIRES, INSULATOR FLASHOVER, and hard to find LIGHTNING ARRESTER FAILURES

Vision Analytics

Vision Analytics is a predictive process designed to improve overhead distribution system performance and reliability. Vision Analytics identifies where equipment related outages occur, and the betterment a utility can achieve with an Exacter assessment and the appropriate asset management operations.  LEARN MORE

Aerial Transmission Assessment

Exacter system assessment technology is installed on 3rd party or utility owned aircrafts to collect assessment data during routine scheduled flights. Three levels of analysis allow utilities to track and trend transmission system health, investigate problematic structures, and pinpoint components responsible for problematic conditions.  LEARN MORE 

Substation Assessment

Substations represent some of the most critical infrastructure of electric systems. Exacter Field Engineers visit substations with utility personnel. Field Engineers perform patented Exacter assessment inside the substation and upload assessment data for real-time analysis. Points of concern identified by the analysis are re-visited by the Field Engineer to identify and pinpoint problematic component with Ultrasonic technology.  LEARN MORE

Storm Analysis

Weather events have a significant impact on system performance and reliability. Exacter Storm Analysis provides utilities with a baseline for system health prior to when weather events occur. Following outage restoration efforts, Exacter will re-assess the affected areas of the system to identify components damaged during the weather event but not mitigated by restoration operations.  LEARN MORE

Exacter Provides Turnkey Services

Engaging Exacter on a predictive reliability project can be a turnkey operation.  Once CMI and circuit data is received, Exacter provides the analysis, circuit targets, and projected impact for the project during the pre-survey stage.  Then circuits are surveyed and problematic conditions and locations are investigated and pinpointed by Exacter field locating teams.  Final reports are submitted including photographs of deteriorating equipment, pole numbers, GPS location -- with all data available in GIS compatible formats.