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Pole Fire Mitigation

Prevent Pole Fires & Brush Fires by identifying partial discharge & removing at-risk, deteriorating assets

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Exacter® Technology identifies early indicators of potential pole fire and brush fires (current leakage, partial discharge).  Exacter's field assessments can patrol, identify and locate fire threat conditions present on your overhead grid -- allowing you to remediate them before the fire starts.  With Exacter you can:

- patrol,assess, and locate at-risk conditions across thousands of circuit miles in a matter of 6-8 weeks

- receive pole#, GPS location, and photograph of at-risk equipment on your system

- see video confirmation of pre-fire current leakage, tracking, or arcing for every Exacter find

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Exacter is a speaker at the upcoming T&D World Leadership Forum on Wild Fire Prevention and Mitigation in Portland, May 18-20, 2020. Exacter has made wild fire mitigaation presentations to EEI TDM & MA Conferences, has been published multiple times on the topic, and is a recognized subject matter expert on pole fire causation.    

Recently, in conjunction with the CIGRE Working Group on Wildfire Mitigation, Exacter conducted a nationwide survey on pole fire activity in North American utilities (See Below).  To have a private online webinar that outlines Exacter pole fire assessments and price estimates, email us here.


Pole Fire 2019 Survey

In the summer of 2019, Exacter, Inc., in conjunction with the CIGRE Wildfire Working Group, conducted a nationwide survey exploring pole fire causation, utility experiences with pole fires, and various strategies being used to mitigate them.  The results are very interesting.  We invite you to download our PDF report, by clicking this link:  To Receive the Industry's Most Compreensive Survey on Pole Fire Causation and Remediation, Click Here