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Attack Profiles & Predictive Analytics Improve Circuit Reliability and Performance

Exacter Vision Analytics provide a proactive means for reducing Customer Minutes of Interruption (CMI) by identifying the most vulnerable points on the most vulnerable circuits.  Identify conditions that cause POLE FIRES, INSULATOR FLASHOVER, and hard to find LIGHTNING ARRESTER FAILURES.

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Using historical utility reliability/outage/interruption data, Exacter provides a CMI Attack Profile. The attack profile optimizes outage/interruption/reliability data and prioritizes Predictive-Based Asset Management operations resulting in the greatest CMI reduction and improvement in circuit reliability. The attack profile identifies specific circuits and specific amounts of CMI that can be targeted for strategic, preventive activities. 

Cmi improvement pie chart 


An Exacter Health Assessment Survey is completed on circuits where performance issues impact overall reliability. The surveys identify the specific points of weakness and vulnerability.  The new, dynamic and predictive data from Exacter can be overlaid with GIS and asset management data for industry-leading view of overall grid health.

As targeted measures of circuit improvement are implemented, circuit health is improved with a long-term reduction in CMI.