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Verification of Lightning Arresters

Verification of Lightning/Surge Arresters

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Protect Your Overhead Distribution Assets By Locating and Replacing Failed Lightning Arresters

Lightning arresters are unique among overhead line components because deterioration is often invisible. Many deteriorated lightning arresters show no visual signs of failure, or even the presence of heat that could be detected by IR cameras. Exacter technology, however, is uniquely able to quickly and accurately identify the arresters on your system exhibiting signs of weakness or other characteristics that suggest reduced protection.

Lightning Arrester Defense + Table
This table shows the 6 reasons lightning arresters fail and whether
the various detection approaches will identify a failing or failed arrester.

The Exacter Lightning Arrester Verification Program 
An Exacter Lightning Arrester Health Assessment includes a multi-pass patrol of your entire system for selected circuits to locate and verify the arresters exhibiting RF Failure Signatures™. This fault-identification survey completes the assessment of your utility’s surge arresters in a matter of weeks. 

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Accurate, Confirmed Field Data 

In addition to multiple survey passes, each deteriorated arrester is physically inspected at the pole using ultrasonic technology and photographed to identify the specific arrester to be replaced. When the survey is completed, we deliver maps, GIS data, and spreadsheet showing locations, spatial coordinates, and pole numbers of the problem arresters.

Hundreds, Even Thousands of Miles Surveyed in a Matter of Weeks
The Exacter Lightning Arrester Verification Program is unique because it can provide a verification check of arresters over a very large area in a matter of several weeks — including an actionable punch list of equipment for replacement.

Strategic Analytics Help You Prioritize Replacement
Some lightning arresters are in critical locations and must operate correctly. Using our Vision Analytics®, Exacter will recommend a strategy of targeting components on key circuits near reclosers, substations, underground/overhead transitions, and commercial/industrial locations that will have the biggest impact on overall reliability. This approach is more cost-effective and allows the utility to deploy its field resources to the most important targets.

Lightning arresters are the first line of defense for your critical assets. Wouldn’t you like to know which ones have already failed?

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