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Substation Assessment

Substation Assessment

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Substations represent some of the most critical infrastructure of electric systems. Substation infrastructure includes switching gear, protective devices (circuit breakers, cutouts, arresters), control equipment, and transformers.

Protective devices enable transformers to reliably transfer power from high voltage transmission to lower voltage for distribution. Switching gear enables the transfer of electrical loan from one transmission source to another to provide near cosntant power to customers served by the substation, and allow for off-service maintenance of transmission infrastructure. Degraded, contaminated, and failed protecteive equipment and switch gear jeopardize reliable substation operations and increase the risk of an outage caused by substation equipment failure.

Substation assessments with patented Exacter technology and analysis identify equipment exhibiting problematic conditions related to degraded, contaminated, and failed equipment and provides utilities with the earliest warning for appropriate maintenace operations.

Patented Exacter Radio Frequency Assessment

Exacter Field Engineers assess  the substation with patented radio frequency technology utilizing a directional antenna to scan all components, capture problematic emissions, and correlate data with GPS locational data.

Failure Signature Analysis

Field Engineers upload Exacter assessment data on site and perform proprietary Failure Signature Analysis to identify locations in the substation where probelmatic conditions are present.

Ultrasonic Acoustic Component Confirmation

Field Engineers revisit identified locations with ultrasonic acoustic technology to pinpoint and identify the component where problematic conditions exist. Field Engineers take a high resolution image of the identified component and a description of the component and location.

Exacter provides a Field Report with assessment findings so that the utility can perform the appropriate maintenance operation.