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SAS & EXACTER Partner with Rural Cooperatives to Make Predictive Maintenance Viable for Overhead Distribution Infrastructure - T&D World, September 2022 - In early 2022, with the help of SAS and its partner Exacter, Randolph EMC, an electric membership cooperative headquartered in Asheboro, North Carolina, began a journey to solve this cost challenge and make predictive maintenance for distribution assets at scale economically viable. MORE

SAS Partners with Exacter Technology to Introduce Grid Guardian AI for Boosting Distribution Reliability - PR Newswire May 2022- -Energy companies need help, and analytics leader SAS lends them a hand with SAS® Grid Guardian AI, a first-of-its-kind solution that improves reliability while reducing crew injuries and fatalities without adding new equipment. The new solution makes its debut at DISTRIBUTECH International. MORE

New Partnership to Bring Data-Driven Predictive Asset Management Solutions. T&D World, February 2020 - MPR Associates, Inc., an engineering and technology consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia, and Exacter, Inc., a provider of patented sensor technology and predictive analytics from Columbus, Ohio, have formed a strategic partnership aimed at developing and deploying next-generation data solutions for the electric utility industry. MORE

Good News for Pole Fire Mitigation | John LaulettaT&D World, January 2020 - In the midst of seemingly unstoppable wildfires in California and western states, can there really be good news for electric utilities in addressing this problem? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. While there are many factors involved in the propagation of major wildfires, our research is showing there is strong consensus on the root cause, which means there are solutions in sight — and that is good news for utilities seeking effective mitigation strategies.  MORE

CIGRE & Exacter Release Pole Fire Mitigation SurveyT&D World, November 2019 - Members of the CIGRE Wildfire Mitigation Working Group and Exacter, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio recently released results from a survey of 63 utilities in North America entitled, “Pole Fire 2019." The goal of the survey was to explore what utility stakeholders believed about the origins, causations, impact, and cost of pole fires, as well as the strategies and methods being used to mitigate them. MORE

Habersham Electric & Exacter | The Journey to Improving ReliabilityT&D World, October 2019 - Exacter's assessment took six weeks to complete. Exacter technology identified and located all RF partial discharge being emitted on the system. In total, 60 components were found in a pre-fail state, exhibiting current leakage, arcing or tracking — the primary indicators of a future outage. This worked out to be one issue for every 8.5 miles (13.7 km) of line.  MORE

US & Israel Collaborate for Power Grid Predictive AnalyticsT&D World, May 2019 -Exacter, Inc., of Columbus, Ohio, and Razor Labs of Tel Aviv, Israel, were awarded a $950,000 grant to fund collaborative research and development efforts. As part of a pilot project, these sensors have been installed on garbage trucks in Akron, Ohio, for continuous grid monitoring. MORE 

Partial Discharge & Electromagnetic Interference to Identify DefectsT&D World, May 2019 - Exacter Strategic Paartner, Davey Resource worked together to help Penelec prevent insulator failures. According to Wallace Cunningham, Penelec Energy Delivery Operation Services manager of engineering, the DRG had used Exacter on a smaller scale in three previous projects that had widened the scope for this latest initiative, covering 1800 miles of three-phase distribution lines to inspect all types of equipment conditions.  MORE

Predictive Analytics are Improving Grid ReliabilityT&D World, January 2019 -Innovation-focused companies are helping to address the problem of unpredictable equipment outages. One of these growing private companies that are solving this problem is focused on the Industrial Internet of Things, Exacter Corp. From their headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, U.S., Exacter executives are beginning to change the landscape of predictability in the utility industry.  MORE

Technology Prevents Pole Fires by Locating Hard to find Current LeakageT&D World January 2018 -"In the matter of just one hour, our technology can accurately detect current leakage across 30-40 miles of overhead circuit. That's 1,000 to 1,200 poles and approximately 6,000-8,000 overhead components that are evaluated," states Geoffrey Bibo, Exacter's President.   MORE 

Exacter and ICC Form Strategic Alliance for Data Analytic Offerings to the Utility Industry - Columbus, OH -November 27, 2018 -- Exacter, Inc., a leading provider of cutting edge predictive grid analytics to the electrical utility industry, and ICC, a leading innovator and designer of data analytics solutions, announce a business alliance to support the development of new products and services. More

Exacter Introduces GridTrak, a Software as a Service (SaaS) Offering for its Grid Health Assessment Data   Columbus, OH – November 6, 2018) – Exacter, Inc., a leading provider of cutting edge predictive grid analytics to the electrical utility industry, announces the availability of its GridTrak software as a service online data platform. More

Exacter, Inc. Wins Inc. 5000 Award for America’s Fastest-Growing Companies
Columbus, OH, Sept. 05, 2018  -- Exacter, Inc., a provider of intelligence based reliability initiatives for the electric utility industry, was selected for the Inc. 5000 Annual List of America's Fastest-Growing Companies.  “This award is a significant milestone for our company,” states Exacter Founder and CEO John Lauletta. “It’s a testimony to the hard work and innovation our team has brought to changing the way utilities approach preventing outages and making grid improvements."  More 

Exacter Assists Utilities in Minimizing Storm and Hurricane Grid-Damage with Focused System Hardening
Columbus, OH, July 17, 2018 -- You cannot stop a hurricane or major storm, but Exacter, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio is busy in July and August helping utilities minimize the impact of major storms by identifying points of weakness on overhead grids that are most susceptible to damage and causing a power outage. More

Electric Utility Leaders Gather in Columbus, Ohio to Discuss Latest Reliability Strategies & Technologies 
Columbus, OH , June 26, 2018 -- Electric utility leaders and system engineers from around the country gathered in Columbus, Ohio last week to discuss the latest reliability measures and technologies being used to prevent outages and make the overhead grid more resilient to the impact of major storms. More

Davey Resource Group & Exacter, Inc. Renew Partnership and Prepare for Closer Ties
KENT, OH, March 08, 2018 -- On the fifth anniversary of its successful strategic partnership with Exacter, Inc.Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Davey Tree Expert Company, announced the continuation of its joint venture with the Columbus, Ohio, technology firm. More

Michael Pluff Joins Technology Firm Exacter, Inc. as Executive Vice President
COLUMBUS, OH, Feb. 08, 2018 -- Exacter, Inc., a cutting edge Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and utility analytics company from Columbus, Ohio, appoints Michael D. Pluff as the new Executive Vice President.   Michael will be responsible for business development, sales, technical support and marketing activities and will manage both national and international sales channels for the company. More

Electric Utilities Are Receiving New Transmission Asset Health & Risk-Location Data from Existing Flights with Exacter  (September 19, 2017) – Electric utilities performing transmission line aerial patrols and inspections are now receiving valuable new data from regularly scheduled flights by placing Exacter sensor technology on-board the aircraft.   As the aircraft flies, Exacter's patented technology automatically identifies and maps conditions known to cause power outages along transmission infrastructure.  These conditions are unseen by other inspections methods and technologies such as visual and infrared scans.  Condition locations are geo-tagged and stored for reporting and analysis.  This data can be used over time for trend analysis to identify line sections, and/or specific structures for targeted maintenance.   Exacter customers can view and analyze all assessment data 24/7 – 365 from a proprietary web portal.  More

Exacter Technology Prevents Utility Pole Fires by Locating Hard to Find Current Leakage - June 22, 2017 - Each year in the United States there are thousands of incidents of utility poles catching fire and causing damage. Cross arms break. Equipment falls to the ground. Sometimes the entire pole catches fire. The collateral consequences of wild fires, traffic accidents, road shutdowns, and major power outages cause damages totaling in the millions of dollars.  Current leakage on cracked and contaminated insulators, over time, is the root cause of most pole fires," states John Lauletta, CEO and Chief Technology Officer for Exacter, Inc. of Columbus, OH. "Because current leakage is almost impossible to detect visually, developing a proactive program for utilities to locate potential at-risk components is very challenging. This is a problem our technology has solved." Read More

Exacter Helps Utilities Improve Grid Resiliency for Upcoming Storm Season - April 13, 2017 - For electric utilities, the season of lightning strikes, high winds, tornados, and major storms has begun. This follows the freeze/thaw cycles of winter in many regions. Exacter, Inc. of Columbus, OH is offering a variety of services to help utilities minimize power outages, make the overhead grid more resilient to weather effects, and recover from storm damage in a more-timely manner. Read More

Exacter Shares Proprietary Reliability Data & Analytics at DistribuTech 2017 - February 01, 2017 - Over the last three years, Exacter's Grid Reliability Analytics have helped reduce equipment-related power outages by 15-40% for a number of utilities. Exacter will be sharing some of the data and insights from their reliability programs at DistribuTech 2017 in San Diego, California January 31-February 2nd 2017 at Booth #3905. "We reduced SAIDI by 4 minutes & outage frequency by 21% using Exacter," reports one cooperative utility in the southeast. Read More

Varo Engineers and Exacter Form Strategic Partnership for Electric Utility Market - January 17, 2017 - Varo Engineers, Inc. (Varo) of Dublin, OH and Exacter, Inc. of Columbus, OH have formed a strategic partnership that will expand Varo's scope of services to its utility transmission and distribution customer base. More

Exacter Reliability Services Showing 15-40% Reductions in Equipment Outages
 - December 14, 2016 - Exacter reports that customers using Exacter's Grid Analytics Strategy over the last three years are reporting a reduction in equipment-related power outages between 15-40%. Exacter's proprietary predictive grid analytics provide a proven strategy with actionable data for impacting SAIDI, SAIFI, and reducing customer minutes of interruption (CMI). More

Advanced IIoT Transmission Tower Sensors Being Developed by Exacter & The University of Akron
 - October 28, 2016 - The University of Akron and Exacter, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio are completing year 2 of their $3 million dollar, 5-year grant to develop smart sensors for detecting problematic conditions on the US power grid. The research and product development teams are designing unique sensors for identifying a number of reliability-threatening conditions
including . . .  More

The University of Akron and Exacter Provide New Analytics for Preventing Failures on Subway & Electric Rail Systems -  July 20, 2016 - Effective strategies for preventing system failures on subway and electric rail systems have been hindered due to the inability of current technologies to predict future problems. New products being developed in a partnership between The University of Akron and Exacter, Inc. are changing everything. "We've developed predictive maintenance sensors based on proven, patented technologies that will help transportation authorities identify early signs of failure on the electric infrastructure before an incident
occurs . . .  More

Equipment-Related Power Outages Can Be Predicted, Located & Avoided With Exacter Technology - June 29, 2016 - Utilities are very effective at restoring power after an outage. However, discovering where the next equipment failure will happen has been next to impossible. Today, proprietary technology from Exacter, Inc. is helping utilities predict where future outages will happen -- allowing for remediation of the problem before the outage occurs.  More

Predictive Data & Analytics From Exacter Shed New Light for Protecting the Nation's Electric Grid Assets - June 9, 2016 - Lightning arresters are the distribution grid's first line of defense against power outages because they act as a shield against power surges. However, field data from Exacter, Inc. is revealing a more complex, systemic challenge for the nation's utilities to find a means of identifying problems and assuring proper maintenance can be performed.  More

Transmission Overhead Line Failures are Being Predicted by Exacter Technology - March 23, 2016 - Exacter Inc. offers a unique solution for detecting and locating points on the overhead transmission system that are exhibiting conditions that indicate risk of failure.  An Exacter assessment unit is mounted on a helicopter, plane, or drone during scheduled line flyovers and unseen arcing, leaking, and tracking on lines is detected and mapped by Exacter.  More

NRTC and Exacter Form Strategic Partnership to Bring Outage-Avoidance Technology to Rural Utilities - (Columbus, OH – May 19, 2015) - The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) and Exacter, Inc., makers of a proprietary power outage-avoidance and grid analytics system, have formed a strategic partnership to bring the latest reliability technology to rural electric cooperatives.  More

Exacter Field Data is Showing Grid Vulnerability to Lightning Strikes – Surge Arresters Make Up 20-40% of Findings - (March 26, 2015 – Columbus, OH) – Lightning arresters/surge arresters are electric utilities’ first line of defense against surge-related power outages. However, current field metrics from Exacter, Inc are showing that 20-40% of the problems they uncover on the grid are these devices.  More

Exacter Data Analytics Showing Large Storms Have Impact on the Nations Power Grid Years After Repairs Have Been Made (COLUMBUS, OH - March 10, 2015) -New trended field data from Exacter, Inc., a grid reliability and analytics company that serves the nations electric utilities, is showing a correlation between significant weather-related outage events and the subsequent near-term health of the overhead grid.  More

Exacter to Unveil New Predictive Maintenance Solutions for Transmission, Substation, and Underground Applications at DistribuTech - (February 2, 2015 - COLUMBUS, OH) - Exacter, Inc., a leading provider of predictive maintenance technology and analytics to the utility industry, will be sharing results of a 2-year proactive Predictive Maintenance (PdM) project to improve circuit reliability at a prominent northeast investor owned utility.  More

Technology from Exacter(R) May Provide Answers for Railway Power Failure Incidents & Help Prevent Future System Outages - (January 28, 2015 – Columbus, OH) Exacter, Inc., has a proprietary technology that can identify deteriorated electrical equipment conditions on any electric system including railway systems, utility grids, substations, or industrial locations prior to a failure.  More

New Exacter Program Allows Electric Utilities to Attack Worst Performing Circuits With Predictive Data on Deteriorating Equipment - (December 4, 2013 – Columbus, OH) - Exacter, Inc. announces a new program for electric utilities to attack worst performing circuits using proprietary field intelligence that identifies equipment in a deteriorated state. The new program includes 1) a health assessment survey . . .   More

Davey Resource Group Expands Overhead Reliability Services With Strategic Partnership Using Exacter Analytics  (Kent, Ohio — February 2013) -  Davey Resource Group, a division of The Davey Tree Expert Company, announces a strategic partnership with Exacter, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, to expand Davey’s reliability service capabilities.  Davey has made an equity investment in Exacter and will be using Exacter’s Grid Assessment Technology and Analytics as a powerful complement to Davey Resource Group’s existing asset management and grid health services.  More

Transmission & Distribution World Magazine Features How One Ohio Utility Uses Exacter as Predictive Reliability Tool  (August 1, 2009) -This article chronicles how one of the best performing municipal utilities in the country uses Exacter as a reliability tool, to provide information for planning, for troubleshooting and overall circuit improvement.

Exacter Introduces A Lightning Arrester Verification Program to Identify Failed Arresters Over Large Geographic Areas - (Jun 10, 2013) For electric utilities, this is the season of more frequent lightning-induced power outages.  Lightning arresters are the first line of defense against surge-related problems, however, alarming field metrics from Exacter, Inc. are showing that a high percentage (up to 40% in the southeast) of lightning arresters have either failed or deteriorated in performance, and most of these show no visual or heat signature indication of damage.  More

Storm Recovery Assessment Technology From Exacter Helps Utilities Bounce-Back Quicker and More Efficiently(November 06, 2012) - Exacter’s proprietary technology delivers a circuit-by-circuit health assessment providing utility maintenance crews with true conditions-based data for prioritizing their work schedule, and allowing management a new level of field intelligence to determine which circuits to repair and which to rebuild.  More